Theatre Masks Ponteland Repertory Society

The Wind in the Willows
by Alan Bennett

Adapted from the book by Kenneth Grahame
Wed 2nd to Sat 5th March 2016

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The Creative Team

Director Jonny Woolett
Assistant Director Lucy Walton
Production Support Carole Davies
Stage Manager & Scenic Artist Barbara Clayton
Set Construction Gerald Clayton
Costume Creator & Make-up Timi Air
Properties Manager Brenda Newton
Prompt & Publicity Lesley Eltringham
Publicity Photographs Trevor Covington
    "     " John Eltringham
Lighting Design & Operation Nigel King with Graeme Shaw
Sound Mike Brown
Backstage Team Brenda Newton
    "     " Mala Janes
    "     " John Eltringham
Props Hire Northers Props

The Cast

Owl the Narrator Erin Bullick
Mole Joe Costigan
Rat Jonny Woolett
Toad Leo Emmerson
Badger Brian Barry
Rabbit Robert Bill Pickard
Otter Amy Sparshott
Portly Young Otter Amelia Long
Albert, a horse Jason Long

(Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Bryony Wilkinson, Lauren Stott, Riley Chivers, Sasha Jeffers,
(Wed, Fri & Sat Eve)
Alice Mathieson , Ethan Storey, Eryn Clayton, Fern O'Kane

(Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Lucy Carmichael, Caitlin Stott
(Wed, Fri & Sat Eve)
Matthew Hunter

(Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Bethany Bone, Shannon Bone
(Wed, Fri & Sat Eve)
Emily Morton, Grace Taylor, Lily Chalmers

(Tues, Thurs & Sat Mat)
Lucy Carmichael, Grace Donaldson, Sophie Kenyon, Amelia Long, Amelia Sowerby
(Wed, Fri & Sat Eve)
Jasmine Lever, Amelia Long, Rhys Walker, Kate Wallace

Wild Wooders

Chief Weasel Matthew Long
Weasel Norma Amber Covington
Fox Rebecca Conroy
Stoat Cyril Ciaran Telfer
Stoat Ian Kate storey
Stoat Stuart Sofie Pickert
    "     " Amber Mayers
Weasel Will Matthew Barron
Weasel Fred Jack Maskey
Sergeant Fred Ferret Emily Maskey
Ferret Geraldine Alex Elliott-Smith

Weasels Stoats and Ferrets:
William aycliffe, Peter Errington, Elaina Graham, Emily Turnbull, Grace Dufton, Juliette Taylor, Bradley Wilson, Max Gray, Grace Bowman, Rebecca Kelly

The Wide World

Miss Parkinson, car saleswoman Emily Turnbull
Motorist Rupert Peter Errington
Motorist Monica Kate Storey
Magistrate Bill Pickard
Clerk of the Court Juliette Taylor
Policeman Matty Hunter
    "     " Max Gray
Guard Bradley Wilson
    "     " Grace Bowman
Train Driver Ann Ridley
Bargewoman Isobel Wind
Washerwoman Janice Johnson
Gaolers Daughter Alice Carmichael
Gypsy Timi Air

Grace Dufton, Elaina Graham, Rebecca Kelly, juliette Taylor