Theatre Masks Ponteland Repertory Society

A Chorus of Disapproval
By Alan Ayckbourn
Tues 24th to Sat 28th February 2009.

The Cast

Guy Jones Joe McLaughlin
Dafydd P Llewellyn Gavin Redhead
Hannah Llewellyn Heather Thompson
Bridget Baines Zoe Bartlett
Mr Ames Ian Nesbitt
Enid Washbrook Brenda Rutter
Rebecca Huntley-Pike Pam Nesbitt
Fay Hubbard Kathryn Hayes
Ian Hubbard Neil Rutter
Jarvis Huntley-Pike David Kiely
Ted Washbrook David Wilkinson
Crispin Usher Ben Hill
Linda Washbrook Amelia Armstrong

The Production Team

Director Lesley Lofthouse
Construction Manager Gerald Clayton
Stage Manager David Goodchild
Prompt Elaine Prudhoe

Brenda Newton
Gill Thompson
Ros Watt
Assistant Stage Manager
& Scenic Artist
Barbara Clayton
Set Design

Lesley Lofthouse
Barbara Clayton
Wardrobe Lynne Henderson
Lighting Nigel King
Sound Mike Brown
Front of House Manager Betty Nesbitt

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David Wilkinson, Brenda Rutter, Pam Nesbitt, Heather Thompson, Joe McLaughlin, Amelia Armstrong, Zoe Bartlett, Gavin Redhead.
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Heather Thompson, Joe McLaughlin, Amelia Armstrong.
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Amelia Armstrong, Zoe Bartlett , David Kiely , Ben Hill , Neil Rutter , David Wilkinson , Heather Thompson.
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Zoe Bartlett , Neil Rutter.
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David Wilkinson, Brenda Rutter, Pam Nesbitt, David Kiely, Heather Thompson, Joe McLaughlin, Amelia Armstrong, Ben Hill, Zoe Bartlett.
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Joe McLaughlin , Kathryn Hayes.
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Ian Nesbitt , Ben Hill , Gavin Redhead.
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Amelia Armstrong, Gavin Redhead, Zoe Bartlett, Brenda Rutter..
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"A Chorus of Disapproval"

Alan Ayckbourn's award winning and riotously funny play explores the attraction of the theatre for ordinary people, whose apparently unremarkable lives are revealed to be unexpectedly eventful. It's the mid 1980's and PALOS, The Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society, are busy staging "The Beggars Opera". However, we soon discover that the real action is taking place behind the scenes.
This beautifully constructed satire bubbles with wit and laugh-out-loud humour and features some of Ayckbourn's most memorable characters..

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Joe McLaughlin (Guy Jones)
Guy Jones (Joe McLaughlin ) is a quiet, unassuming and polite widower whose life is passing him by. That is, until he tries out for the amateur opera society's production of The Beggars Opera. Soon everyone wants a part of him and Guy just can't say no.

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Gavin Redhead (Dafydd ap Llewellyn)
Dafydd ap Llewellyn (Gavin Redhead) is Welsh and proud of it. He's the formidable, power crazed driving force directing this production of The Beggars Opera.

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Heather Thompson (Hannah Llewellyn)
Hannah Llewellyn (Heather Thompson) is a generous, loving woman whose unsatisfactory marriage to Daffyd is making her more and more desperate. Could Guy be the answer to her prayers?

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Zoe Bartlett (Bridget Baines)
Bridget Baines (Zoe Bartlett) is the Stage Manager. She also acts as prompt and general dogsbody. No-one messes with Bridget and gets away with it.

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Ian Nesbitt (Mr Ames)
Mr Ames (Ian Nesbitt) is a mild mannered music teacher who can play almost anything on the piano. He's the Musical Director of PALOS and Daffydd's sidekick, but he doesn't have much to say.

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Brenda Rutter (Enid Washbrook)
Enid Washbrook (Brenda Rutter) is a nice, unobtrusive woman and the backbone of the society. She is married to Ted and is Linda's beleaguered mother
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Dave Wilkinson (Ted Washbrook)
Ted Washbrook (Dave Wilkinson) Husband of Enid, he is a nice man who is totally unable to handle either his daughter or Dafydd, despite being the most talented member of PALOS.
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Amelia Armstrong (Linda Washbrook)
Linda Washbrook (Amelia Armstrong) is a "spoilt princess" who has a lot more fire than her parents but she just isn't cut out to do battle with Bridget.
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Pam Nesbitt (Rebecca Huntley-Pike)
Rebecca Huntley-Pike (Pam Nesbitt) is the third wife of Jarvis. She's clearly the most stylish member of the company and very fond of alcohol.
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David Kiely (Jarvis Huntley-Pike)
Jarvis Huntley-Pike (David Kiely) likes the sound of his own voice and is prone to making bad jokes. He owns a plot of land which others are very interested in acquiring. Very astute but slightly crackers.
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Kathryn Hayes (Fay Hubbard)
Fay Hubbard (Kathryn Hayes) is Ian's wife and femme fatale of PALOS. Founder member of the wooden spoon club and "very gregarious".
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Neil Rutter (Ian Hubbard)
Ian Hubbard (Neil Rutter) is very ambitious and owns a building firm. He and his wife are seasoned swingers and are determined to advance in the world.
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Ben Hill (Crispin Usher)
Crispin Usher (Ben Hill ) is a tough and hostile young man who lands the lead role in "The Beggars Opera". His "fondness" for both Linda and Bridget leads to a certain amount of friction.
A Chorus of Disapproval was directed by Lesley Lofthouse, whose credits include the hugely successful ’Allo ’Allo.
( Lesley is the Principal of the Tynedale Academy of Performing Arts )