Theatre Masks Ponteland Repertory Society

Calamity Jane
Tues 22nd to Sat 26th April 2008.

The Cast

Calamity Jane - Katie Howes.
Katie is a well known face in The Rep's musicals having played Lois/Bianca in Kiss Me Kate, Miss Hannigan in Annie and Nellie Forbush in South Pacific to name but a few. She has also performed leading roles on many stages across the North East to great reviews, including the Theatre Royal.

Wild Bill Hickock - Ian Byrne
Jarrow gent Ian is making his debut at Ponteland this year. He has been acting for more than 15 years and has had the pleasure of playing roles such as Higgins in My Fair Lady, Bill Snibson in Me and My Girl, and Curly in Oklahoma. He is married to Katherine and they have two young sons.

Katie Brown - Helen Aspey
Another newcomer to The Rep but no novice to the stage in the north. Amongst others, Helen has enjoyed leads in My Fair Lady, Crazy For You, and Jekyl and Hyde playing opposite her fiancé and our new director, Jonathan.

Lt. Danny Gilmartin - David Bruce
A familiar face in Ponteland although this time without the Italian accent he commanded so well in 'Allo 'Allo. David played Bill/Lucentio in Kiss Me Kate at Ponteland but has also played many other characters throughout the region.

Francis Fryer - Andrew Fearon
Teacher by day and enthusiastic thespian by night, Andrew joins us from Jarrow. He has been performing for ten years and is delighted to have the opportunity to get his size 12 high-heels out to play Francis for a second time.

Henry Miller - Dave Wilkinson
Dave has performed in everything from panto to Shakespeare in the North East but this is his very first visit to Ponteland. Those who saw Scrooge at Newcastle may remember him as Tom Jenkins leading "Thank You Very Much".

Adelaide Adams Pam Nesbitt
Susan Zoe Bartlett
Rattlesnake John Hutton
Joe Philip Aspey
'Doc' Pierce Brian Barry
Hank Neil Rutter
Pete Ian Nesbitt
The Colonel Richard Dodd

The Chorus

Nikki Buckley-Feiven, Joanne Clark, Vinny Finden, Kathryn Hayes, Sue Hayes, Lynne Henderson, Ted Henderson,
Katie Livingstone-Evans, Rachael Morgan, Elaine Prudhoe, Paul Reynolds, Heather Thompson, Gill Thompson,
Caitlin Wetherill, Tracey Wetherill.

The Orchestra

Musical Director Deborah Barry Piano Mark Thompson
Guitar Bob Crabtree Bass Kirsten Grey
String Synthesizer Malcolm Moffat Percussion Paul Stephenson

The Production Team

Director Jonathan Cash
Musical Director Deborah Barry
Choreographer Helen Aspey
Accompanist Mark Thompson
Stage Manager Barbara Clayton
Assistant Stage Managers John Firth
Victoria Newton
Construction Manager Gerald Clayton
Props Brenda Newton
Brenda Rutter
Technical Manager Nigel King
Sound Engineer Mike Brown
Wardrobe Lynne Henderson
Scenic Artist Barbara Clayton
Prompt Carole Stephen
Patrons Secretary Dorothy Warner
Programme Editor Deborah Barry
Ticket Sales Alan Newton
Security Neil Prudhoe

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David Bruce (Danny Gilmartin), Katie Howes (Calamity Jane) and Ian Byrne (Wild Bill Hickock)
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Sunday: Dress Rehearsal
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Ian Byrne (Wild Bill Hickock) singing Higher Than a Hawk
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Pam Nesbitt (Adelaide Adams) with the stage-door Johnnies... Brian Barry , Philip Aspey , Ted Henderson , Richard Dodds.
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Sunday: Dress Rehearsal

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Deborah Barry (Musical Director)
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Director Jonathan Cash keeps the male chorus on track!

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Deborah Barry (Musical Director) , Pam Nesbitt (Adelaide Adams)
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Richard Dodds, Paul Reynolds, Brian Barry, Ted Henderson, Philp Aspey, Ian Nesbitt, Neil Rutter.
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Kathryn Hayes , Heather Thompson , Gill Thompson , Vinny Finden.
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Sunday: Dress Rehearsal

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Vinny Finden , Tracey Wetherill (Ladies Chorus)
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Sunday: Dress Rehearsal

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Sunday: Dress Rehearsal

This short article, written by Ted Henderson, appeared in the March 2008 issue of Pont News & Views magazine....

"Calamity Jane" needs little introduction. It's a real favourite, with some wonderful music guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

Who can sit still when Deadwood Stage comes to town or Windy City blows in. And what about those romantic melodies of Secret Love or Higher Than a Hawk. Then of course there's Black Hills of Dakota. All unforgettable

Katie Howes who plays gun-totin' heroine Calamity Jane is well known to Ponteland audiences, having wowed them in the past with many leading roles including Miss Hannigan in Annie and Bianca in Kiss Me Kate.

The part of Wild Bill Hickock is played by Rep newcomer Ian Byrne. Another new face, Helen Aspey, plays the part of stage-struck city-girl Katie Brown. Audiences who were lucky enough to catch 'Allo 'Allo might recognise a familiar face. David Bruce, who plays the dashing Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, was a brilliant Captain Alberto Bertorelli

Allo Allo:- Bertorelli and Helga watch an Inspirational Nature Film.

David Bruce ( Capt Bertorelli ), Kathryn Hayes ( Helga )

This year for the first time, the musical is being directed by Jonathan Cash with musical direction by Deborah Barry.
Deborah Barry (Musical Director)
Jonathan has performed in many shows himself around the region, including numerous leads at the Theatre Royal. Most notably Fagin in Oliver and the title roll in Scrooge. Deborah too has played several leads.

Performers on stage and audiences must not forget that the back of house team really make the shows possible. Everyone from the folks who design and paint the wonderful sets to the ladies who make the tea, play an invaluable part in bringing live theatre to Ponteland. Please continue to support The Rep and if you'd like to join or help behind the scenes just let us know.

By Ted Henderson.